Wholesale Clothing: The Clothing by the Pound Program

Wholesale Clothing Dallas - Clothing By the Pound

Are you in the clothing industry and looking for wholesale clothing in Dallas? Rest assured, you’re in the right place! At Boogie Nights Vintage, we created the Clothing by the Pound program to make the wholesale purchasing process as smooth as possible for you. We also offer amazing quality of clothing by the pound which are high quality and of low damage rate.

What can you expect from our clothing by pound program? We provide a huge assortment apparel of different brands. You should expect a huge variety of styles, brands, and sizes for men, women and children for all including; Shirts, Pants, Tops, Dresses, Skirts, Jeans, Blouses, Shorts, T-shirts, and much more!

Wholesale Clothing, Personalized

Here at BNV, we believe that you deserve the highest quality of service. That’s why you deserve the best personnel to serve your order. Additionally, when you become a part of our Clothing by the Pound Program you will work directly with our company president on every order, ensuring the best possible service and the best prices around. 

Dallas Wholesale Clothing - Clothing by the Pound

But What if You Ship Internationally?

Wholesale Clothing Dallas - Clothing By the Pound

We built this bulk clothing program to suit the needs of all clients, both domestic and international. With over 20 years of experience working in the Dallas wholesale clothing industry, our applied expertise ensures a smooth purchasing process for every client. No matter where you’d like to ship, we will work with you to guarantee the best possible experience throughout the process.

Considering Working with Us?

Interested in getting involved in our Clothing by the Pound Program? It’s easy to get involved! Just contact us here or send us a message on Facebook.

6 Tips for Shopping at Dallas Thrift Stores

Thrift Stores Dallas

Dallas thrift stores can hold some true gems – one-of-a-kind pieces at ridiculous prices. To get the best outfits for the best prices, you need to be a savvy shopper.

We put together this list of tips & tricks to make you a thrift store superhero. Keep reading…

Shop at least twice a week.

Thrift Stores Dallas - Weekly Calendar

Simply put, the more often you go to dallas thrift stores, the more cool pieces you’ll find.

We’re always bringing in new products and getting rid of old ones. Check the store a couple times a week. You don’t want to shop when inventory’s low! In addition, you’ll get first dibs on the coolest items! We recommend timing your visits to avoid losing track of time while you browse our stock.

Shop on an “off day.”

Everybody shops on Saturday! Shopping during peak times means you’ll busy stores with picked-over inventory. Shopping during the week instead will net you the best items without the wait.

Keep a Pinterest board of items you’re looking for.

Thrift Stores Dallas

Pinterest is a great tool to keep your shopping organized. Bring your phone when you go on a shopping trip, or look at the board for a quick reminder before you go.

Use Label Resource to find out more about a piece.

Thrift Stores Dallas

Sometimes it’s hard to know if a piece of clothing is really vintage or not. Vintage Fashion Guild’s Label Resource is great for finding out more info about a particular brand.

Realize vintage clothing tends to run 4-6 sizes smaller.

People were smaller back then! When looking for true vintage clothing, be sure to size up accordingly when looking for pieces.

Don’t want to come to the store? Shop online!

Thrift Stores Dallas

We sell on multiple platforms, including EbayEtsy, and Poshmark. Check these listings often – we only have one of every item!

Bonus Tip: Looking for more deals? Stay updated!

We post special sales on our Facebook. To be the first in the know, you should consider signing up for our newsletter!

Vintage Clothing: What Style Fits You?

An amazing thing about apparel these days is that almost any style can be fashionable… it just takes some creative thinking and confidence! Many streetwear trends have began incorporating vintage clothing in their outfits to add a unique flair to their style. These combinations look AMAZING and boost your confidence as soon as your favorite combo on!

Apparel that was common during the past decades has seen a big resurgence in the contemporary scene. The vibrant colors of vintage outfits add a unique touch when paired with modern street wear. With some help from us, you can bring put together a vintage look that’s unique while still looking fresh and clean!

Let’s take a look at some of the eras:

50’s: The Golden Era

The 50’s was a time of economic abundance. Optimism was at an all time high among the population, and this is shown in the style of the time. More color began to get brought into each piece, creating outfits with more contrast for more expressive looks.

Wanting to incorporate some classic 50’s attire in your closet? It’s easy! Combining a modern blazer with a vintage blouse creates an amazing, one-of-a-kind look that you can rock for years!

50s Vintage Clothing in Dallas

60’s: The Flower Power Era

From the debut of the mini skirt to mod-inspired styles, the 60’s were known for breaking fashion traditions. In the early years, the fashion idol was Jackie Kennedy with her perfectly white pearls and tailored suit dresses.

By the middle of the decade, supermodel Twiggy had women freeing their minds and bodies with clothing that didn’t require any extra thought or effort. From modest to “there is no such thing as too short,”  1960s fashion was in many ways like the flapper revolution of the 1920s.

By the end, the age of Sex, Drugs, and Rock ‘n Roll was in full swing. Thousands of flower children migrated west to cities like San Francisco, following bands like the Grateful Dead. The influence of the counterculture became profound, bringing fringe styles into the mainstream.

70’s: Dance the Night Away

The 70’s was a time of Saturday night disco fever. Looser fits and fashion-forward styles dominated the era. The colors got brighter and the suits got wackier.

Add a touch of 70’s style to your wardrobe! We recommend adding a retro denim jacket on top of a nice graphic tee.

Vintage Clothing Dallas

BNV: The Premiere Vintage Clothing Store in Dallas

Why should you shop with us at our vintage clothing store in Dallas? We provide you with beautiful classic apparel made of quality fabric for many sizes. We have a variety of designs that can suit you perfectly well and we let you try your apparel on so you see the beauty and can give you a helping hand should in case you are confused on what you should get. And it is only when you are satisfied with your dress before you can pay for it.

So what if you chose to buy vintage clothing online? We’ll be happy work with you to find the perfect piece in your size. Most importantly, we get your own measurement so we inform you if the piece will fit well on you because we strive provide our clients with the best experience, every time you walk through the door or send us a message.

We are also very affordable. You can rest assured that, at our store, you’ll get the best deals around!